VICCEL Knee Socks Cable Knitted Mustard

Knee Socks

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Opis produktu

Viccel Socks – Mustard Cotton Socks Over The Calf Socks
Viccel Mustard Cotton Socks Over The Calf will elevate your formal look. Durable and made from the most superior Cotton Over The Calf Socks these men’s socks are hand-finished creating a premium men’s sock, available in a large range of colours.

We designed with comfort and style in mind, Viccel Mustard Cotton Socks Over The Calf Socks from Viccel Dress socks will become your go-to socks of the season. They complement a crisp pair of denim jeans as much as they do tailored trousers. Viccel Cotton Over The Calf socks are a firm favourite for many discerning gentlemen.


100% Egyptian Cotton
100% Egyptian 2 ply Fil d’Ecosse cotton yarn, these yarn have a long staple that makes socks more durable and smoothless surface, comfortably soft and pill-resistant so you can enjoy your socks much longer.The fibres of this ‘Giza 88’ Egyptian Cotton are very long, which means that they can be spun into a very fine yarn.Viccel socks made from 60/2 NE to 40/2 NE yarns.


Hand Linked Toe
All our socks incorporate Seamless Toes (also known as Hand Linked Toes). This is very special process which sets Viccel apart from many other sock producers and has always been essential to the philosophy of the company. Hand linking is a method of closing the toe seam by pairing together the stitches on either side, then linking them with a single thread to create a uniformly smooth and perfectly flat finish. The first truly seam-free comfort sock with no pressure points over your feet.


Whole Day Stay Up
Viccel Mustard Cotton Socks Over The Calf Socks will Stay up whole Day.Never Fall Down,


200 Needle Count
Winter weight(middle weight)Cotton Over The Calf socks are made by 200 needle socks machine.


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VICCEL Knee Socks Cable Knitted Mustard
VICCEL Knee Socks Cable Knitted Mustard
Cena: 65,00 zł / para

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